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Option Marine biodiversity : Whale Watching – Ray/Shark – Turtles

Come across an exceptional marine wildlife. During this tour you will observe and swim with the encounters of the day.
You will be launched under a swimming instructor/lifeGUARD supervision for your safety and a marine biologist guide who will provide you relevant informations on ecology and on every species’s behaviour.

Neykel & Fabien


Marine mammals

Since 2002 French Polynesia became one of the world’s largest sea mammal sanctuary. In this tour we offer an encounter with the cetaceans around Moorea island, you will be able to observe them but also to dive and have the luck to swim with dolphins, humpback whales and others species. Around twenty cetacean species lives in Polynesians water and are protected. Some species lives here and can be seen in Moorea all year round such as the long beaked dolphins, others are migratory such as humpback whales (observable only from July to November).

Whale Watching Tour Moorea
A baby humpback whale plays as it swims near the surface in blue water in the Pacific Ocean

Whale Watching (usually from July to November)

From july to november, French Polynesia is one of the rare places of the world where we can meet up with humpback whales, and swim with them in their natural habitat.
With our marine biologist, enjoy our expertise to live unforgettable encounters with whales and other cetaceans.

We offer you a private tour, tailored, adjusted to your wishes but moreover a tour that respects the animal’s ethic. Make yourself comfortable on board and enjoy an extraordinary moment with us for half a day or a full day.

To begin we observe the whales behavior from the boat and if it’s appropriate, we’ll invite you to observe them while snorkelling (fin,mask, snorkel). An experienced guide will be at your side and guarantee your safety during each immersion.

On board, we have a hydrophone used to listen to the numerous sounds of the cetaceans and in particular the male singers.

We are committed to humpback whale singing study and research.

Actually, the sounds produced by those megaptero are amongst the most complex of the animal regne, hence why we are collecting important datas during our excursions.

Rays and sharks

In the lagoon you will see common stingrays and loepard (eagle spotted) rays, as well as blacktip reef sharks in a shallow sandbank. You will observe these fascinating creatures while standing confidently in the water. Beyond the reef, on the outer slope is the ideal spot to see grey and blacktip reef sharks. With a bit of luck you will aslo see lemon sharks and Pacific sleeper sharks.


Marine turtles

Marine turtles can be observed all year round in Moorea. While on tour, feel the magic that it is to swim with the two main Moorea turtle species in their natural habitat : green turtles and hawksbill turtles. Their resting and feeding spots are in shallow waters so even beginning swimmers can enjoy these magical encounters.


Reef fauna

Moorea island is surrounded by 50 Km of barrier reef. These marine tropical forest shelters million of animals and vegetal species that you will be given to discover during your tour.