BP 1668 Maharepa 98728 MOOREA

Option : Subwing, Tubing & Sporty snorkeling

Subwing : flying under the sea.

Explore the reef, its canyon and cave by adding the flying sensation to the marvellously intoxicating seabed sight.

Subwing is a new way to snorkel while gliding underwater.

It’s an exciting way to observe the reef and sea wildlife such as turtles, stingrays and dolphins.

Tubing : the flying on water sport.

Discover this sensational merry-go-round will bring you an incredible excitement in a safeway alone or with others.

Towed by a jet ski, you can be up to 3 to water glide on a rubber ring.

This rubber ring in totally insubmersible and anyone can practice tubing, even children.The piloting and the speed are fitted to your desires.

Sporty Snorkeling  : competent swimmer

In the lagoon or drifting dive, discover crystal clear water that really looks like an authentic natural aquarium.

Moorea’s best undersea sights will be in your flippers reach.