Marine biologist

My name is Neykel, I was born, I grew up and spent  a big part of my childhood in French Guyana. In this part of the world the sea is brown, with muddy mangrove seabed due to the powerful  Amazonian river  … Honestly we can’t see our feet !

Every summer of my childhood we would travel to Moorea island where on the opposite I was mesmerised by a blue lagoon and a rich marine fauna …

Very early in my life, I spent my days on water looking for whales and other cetaceans on board of our 7 feet boat.

To tell you the truth , I only had that on my mind. I quickly understood that I wanted to devote my professional life to the ocean. I simply studied science in college in Guadeloupe to then become a Marine biologist in French Polynesia .

In College, I worked for the Marine mammal observatory on the identification of false killer whales by photo identification. I wrote my thesis for Guadeloupe’s main harbour by studying the population’s distribution to protect these threatened species…

With my husband and coworker, we decided to live a family life around our shared passion for the ocean in Moorea. Our profession allows us to practice comme
diving  to meet the marine fauna in it’s natural habitat.

Our tours are part of a sustainable ecotourism where the marine fauna rescue is our priority.

I wish to share my experiences, improve humpback whale understanding in French Polynesia, as well as protect marine environment that is essential to me.

I hope to see you soon on board of «Mana’hau » to live and share a beautiful adventure on water.