Life Guard & Profesional Swim Instructor

My name is Fabien . I was born and grew up in a small village in Sarthe the closest beach being at more than 230 km …

After a traditional schooling, I studied Sports and physical activities science in 2008. I then became a swimming instructor . After several summers on the French Atlantique coast and two years in a swimming club around Bordeaux, I wanted to see new horizons …

In 2012, I decided that I needed a new challenge : make my home on the opposite side of the world and build a strong swimming school. This is how I successfully created a lagoon swimming club on Temae’s beach . My aim was to allow young swimmers to progress at their own pace so they reach the different levels up to a competition swimming status.

At the same time I developed swimming lessons in Moorea’s schools and organised aquathlon and triathlons competitions.

After meeting with my wife and coworker, I handed over the swimming club to focus on a second challenge : offer marine fauna discovery tours and aquatic activities.

Neykel  and I we have different career path and experiences but we share the same passion and more importantly the same philosophy on the protection of our marine heritage. We wish to help you live an intense lagoon or ocean experience with the less impact possible on the environment.