BP 1668 Maharepa 98728 MOOREA

Our story

The spirit ?

The islands of french Polynesia have multiple facets and all are united by the ‘Mana’.  The Mana is this vital energy, this spiritual force that surrounds us.
This “power of nature” that one feels in Moorea shines through man when he is captivated by the beauty of the Polynesian landscapes and culture.

The Mana you can see it, you can touch it, even taste it and above all feel it. We gave this name to our boat because we want it to be the vehicle for an authentic discovery of the “Polynesian Mana”.

Appreciate this unique moment on board, connect to this energy through oceanic encounters, in order to experience a feeling of well-being and inner peace that can be translated by  « MANA’HAU ».

Neykel & Fabien, Founders

Who are we ?


Meeting on the lagoon of Moorea

Neykel evolves in the lagoon of Moorea since her childhood. To enrich her passion for the ocean she studied marine biology at the University of French Polynesia.

During her studies, she met Fabien, owner of Moorea Natation (a local swimming club), on Tahiamanu beach.  He’s also passionately fond of the sea, he then tuen his passion into a livelihood by teaching children and adults to evolve safely in the lagoon of Moorea.

Throughout the meetings… a beautiful love story was born.


New adventures

Neykel and Fabien leave french Polynesia to live new adventures!

To validate her master’s degree in marine biology she undertook her final thesis for the Grand Port Autonome of Guadeloupe and study the distribution of cetaceans in the south of the island


The family grows

The family grew, our little Ilaya was born and to celebrate the union of our little family we got married on the island of Noirmoutier before going back to our first love, in Moorea where it all began.


A family project

Back to Moorea, a whole new adventure begins around a family project. EBy bringing together our skills around this marine world we set up the  Mana’hau boat company

This is an eco-responsible private tour in a small group whose aim is to make you meet the Polynesian marine fauna.

This job allows us to dedicate our professional life to the ocean and thus live off our passion: diving and meeting marine wildlife in its natural habitat.

Join us for
an unforgettable experience