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Half Day Hike in Moorea

A unique trip to the heart of polynesian biodiversity with a professional guide who will accompany you within the forest and will make you discover with respect the richness of the polynesian universe.
This excursion is aimed at nature loving hikers who wish to combine effort and comfort through an authentic and ecological visit.

Half day Hike (4h00)

Two levels

Easy Level : Hike of the 3 pins trees with an altitude of 309m.
Walk in the pineapple fields, visit the archaeological sites (marae) by discovering the ancestors path and climb the 3 pines with an amazing view at the top of the rotui mountain between the cook bay and the opunohu bay. It will take about 6 kms round trip.
Intermediate Level : Hike of the 3 coconuts trees with an altitude of 385m. Start from the moorea belvedere (240m) towards the 3 coconuts ridge at the foot of Mou’a Roa (880m). Crossing Rivers, visit a banboo grove, stop in front of a banian tree (tahitian chestnut) to the top to contemplate the cook and opunohu bay but also to observe the caldera and the Vaianae Bay (Haapiti). It will take about 7 kms round trip.

Rates & Duration

6 000 xpf (55 USD) / person for the shared tour
25 000 xpf (225 USD) for the private tour (1 to 2 pers.)
45 000 xpf (400 USD) for the private tour (from 3 to 8 pers.)
Total duration : 4 hours
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