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Let’s Be “Ecol’eau” responsible

Mana 'Ocean: holiday internships for children

Mana’hau boat  is also an instrument for protecting and preserving the natural environment and it is in this spirit that Mana’Ocean was born.

These are educational interventions aimed at raising awareness among children of the island of Moorea about the environment and its preservation.

Mana’Ocean encourages eco-responsible behaviour among the youngest by introducing them to the island’s different marine ecosystems.

During the holidays, the children are taken on board the boat and live a unique experience, a scientific, ecological and educational approach based on principles of non-intrusive, mutual respect for species.

Children will participate in various activities such as the detection of cetaceans by hydrophone or decipher the sound of marine mammals. Educational resources will be available and our marine biologist will lead various fun and educational workshops aimed at raising awareness of our marine natural heritage.

Neykel , marine biologist

Scientific Research

The purpose of our boat trip is also to collect all available data on the differences species of sharks, rays but also of cetiacs present in Polynesia in collaboration with the CRIOBE (Centre for Island Research and Environmental Observatory) located on the island of Moorea, the shark observatory and the Department of the Environment of french Polynesia.


No feeding for marine species (Forbidden). We do not use sunscreen that is harmful to the environment (reef friendly).

For our advertising, we have a partnership with Viault Affiche (Ecological Utopia). This artist draws and imagines works that bring a “new reflection on ecological issues impacting the evolution of biodiversity”

Our flyers, posters and advertisements are part of this reflection and are printed with vegetable inks on recycled paper.

On board, all kinds of disposable plastic is prohibited.

We use reusable products in natural or organic degradable materials. Indeed, we would like to have a minimal footprint on the marine environment.

Meaning of Ecol’eau :

“Ecol’eau” is a contraction of three words which are Eco-responsible, Ecole(classroom or school) and eau (water).